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Owyhee River (OR) 03/17/2011 ~ jeffE
Off the beaten path, unless you live in Boise lol. A great brown trout tailwater fishery with spectacular scenery nearby. Most flyfish here but these are brown trout so a rapala in a small trout pattern near dusk or dawn would bring some wild results! It fishes year round but can ice up in the low winter releases after a cold snap and it typically slows down the two weeks after the irrigation ramp up ( around mid April) Did I mention that the ave. here is around 18 inches. the 6 miles below the dam are the main area...more

Gualala River (CA) 03/11/2011 ~ jeffE
CNH - 2011-02-13 06:02:52
Hey Freddy,

Yeah - the message from the flow hotline is worded very poorly and gives anglers the wrong impression.

You are indeed correct about the Gualala. The Gualala River is a "barbless only" waterway year round but there is no "single point" restriction at any time during the year. Likewise, there are no unique restrictions as to the gap size for hooks either. As you said, it's the standard 1" for a single hook and 3/4" for a double or treble hook. It appears that the local didn't know what they were talking about.

In terms of the single vs. treble debate though, single is the way to go in my opinion especially if you are talking about a river like the Gualala. Its counter intuitive, but you actually tend to get a better initial hookset and lose fewer fish with a single point hook than a treble. Not to mention that studies have shown that barbless single point hooks do significantly less damage to the fish than do barbless trebles. Considering that the Gualala is an almost exclusively wild(no hatchery influence) river in which all wild steelhead must be released, its beneficial to release those fish in as pristine a condition as possible. Just my $.02 though.

Sonoma Creek (CA) 03/11/2011 ~ jeffE
Hey Freddy,

Glad to be of help !

The DFG flow hotline can definitely be a little confusing. When you call the hotline and get an "open" or "closed" designation, the information is based solely on the level of the waterway at the time and not on the unique seasonal regulations of the waterway. Sonoma Creek is even a little more confusing because it is lumped into one collective unit with all of the other Sonoma County tributaries that run into the Pacific Ocean(except the Russian River).

To be safe, always remember than seasonal regulations supersede flow regulations and you will be fine. As you said, while the flow is definitely adequate for fishing right now on the upper reach of Sonoma Creek above the Adobe Canyon Bridge(strangely enough, its gauged on the Russian River at Guerneville), that section is closed to fishing from November 15th through the last Saturday in April. Long story short, you can't fish that section of Sonoma Creek right now.

Because of the dwindling steelhead population in Sonoma Creek, the middle reach between Highway 121 and Adobe Canyon Road is closed to fishing year round. This is where the highest concentration of spawning and nursery habitat is on the creek and its currently the focus of a huge restoration project. This reach was also a popular spot for poachers to intentionally snag steelhead in years past so the creek was closed to avoid discerning between those who were actually fishing and those who were poaching.

Hope that helps ?...more

Napa River (CA) 03/11/2011 ~ jeffE
CNH - 2011-03-10 05:40:22
A "squawfish" is actually a Sacramento pikeminnow, not a Sacramento splittail. Pineminnows are generally darker in color, have a blunt nose and mouth, and can grow much larger than a splittail. Splittails are generally lighter, smaller, and can be distinguished by their disproportionately large tail fin.

Check out the pages below for pictures of each ...


Puyallup River (WA) 03/09/2011 ~ david
if you fish for pinks,you shonld fish on the ether side of river rode in puyallup...more

Napa River (CA) 03/07/2011 ~ lionkng
Night fishing and live bait is always the best in the river for both stripers and sturgeon....more

Stone Lagoon (CA) 03/06/2011 ~ jeffE
One of the southernmost fisheries for coastal/searun cutthroat trout (such pretty fish)....more

Smith River (CA) 03/06/2011 ~ jeffE
What can you say about the Smith in california, One of the most beautiful rivers with minimal silt, huge Redwoods. With some of the biggest steelhead this side of B.C.(regularly over 20 pounds each year) Big Chinook salmon to 60 pounds and wild cutthroat trout to 5 pounds in the holes....more

Clearwater River (ID) 03/06/2011 ~ jeffE
This is the river with the arguably best chance for numbers of steelhead on the lower 48 of the US out of Lewiston Id....more

Silverwood Lake (CA) 03/06/2011 ~ jeffE
I've seen some of the prettiest hatchery rainbow trout come out of this lake. And theyre not small either. Its also got stripers and largemouth, I think it had smallmouth too plus big catfish. You can night fish in that county as well....more

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