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Reporting current river action for the U.S., Northwest, West, and Southwestern United States. Local fishing reports for U.S. Rivers.

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Cold Creek Pond (NV) 02/17/2013 ~ senorme
No fish here cmcnair? Are you sure? You seem very knowlegeable! I love it when people comment on things they have no clue about. You should go to the Dept. of Forestry comment sections and impress them w/ your wisdom. This is a fishing site. Leave those comments to me. I have been taking my kids fishing at Cold Creek for the last ten years. Always catch a couple and for a month or so after stockings catch limits. Lest you take my word or cmcnairs, NDOW publishes stocking reports on website. Aside from the stocked Rainbows, the creek has a naturally reproducing population which are much smaller, never getting much over 6-inches. There are also 1/2 lb. bright orange goldfish that somebody has released in here. So please, if you don't know what your talking about, just read the submissions and dont feel obligated to put 2cents in. ...more

Lake Tahoe (NV) 04/21/2012 ~ BassWishes
Hit ski run ledge about 50 -60 feet ran into some lake trout and a few browns mostly top water in the coves for the browns still looking for the salmon...more

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