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2012-09-21 15:52:27
by: mevans (+1)
i will not be home for 2 years so if you need any hel[p call the humptulips store or the hatchrey

2011-10-20 00:54:00
by: justme (+1)
went just today.got there at first light. was at the river for 6 hrs.nothin.not even a line bump.we were using spinners.tried every color there is.even line and cork. nothing all day.were are the fish?

2011-10-07 18:02:23
by: BigT (+4)
Has anyone seen my pet Coho? He answers to fishy and likes to play with sharp objects.

2010-02-07 07:38:40
by: JamesInTacoma (+3)
Hey.....Anyone out there who has fished the "Clear
Water"?...I would like to fish this river in my Clackacraft drift boat...and will gladly take a "fishing partner" who has run this river before, so I am not running blind.---e-mail me @ jamesh@nventure.com

2010-02-05 17:29:39
by: melissa evans (+1)
what is up my fish lovers , my dad works at the hatchery and i lived there so if you need help i can try to help you so email me at melissa93evans@gmail.com

2010-01-01 18:25:44
by: JamesInTacoma (+3)
I went fishing on the Humptulips...on Weds-Dec 23rd..on a guide trip and got "skunked". The water was running about 2200..which is a bit high for the Hump. We focused on silvers, and spinners..but..they just were not hitting in the high water.

The river has not had good Steelhead reports so far...which could change in a day...because I was told that Steelhead should be "earlier" on the HUMP, verses on the Wynoochee. However...we all are catching some fish on the Wynoochee right now.

Do you want to go on a "drift boat trip"?

Note--I am looking for more fishing partners ..to ..go with me on my Clackacraft Drift Boat. If you will share costs for "Gas & Turnaround"...then, I would like to see if we could fish together....Contact me @ jamesh@nventure.com

2009-12-07 06:00:56
by: valleyhammer (+1)
went on sat. just about everybody on the bank had a coho or two except my buddy. Fished for steel most the morning and once I put on a spinner I hooked three coho back to back and landed one. alot of the fish are still in good shape.

2009-12-01 23:30:04
by: adrenalizer (+13)
Thanks for the reports, I'm hoping to make it out there on Sat. Are the Steelhead in yet?? What is the water clarity like?

2009-12-01 20:44:57
by: Fish Mike (+1)
Stevens opened today for Steelhead fishin! FISH ON! i love the Humptulips!!

2009-11-30 20:56:33
by: KMyers (+6)
Fished at the Hatchery on Saturday (11/28) and hooked into 4 fish, and landed a nice 12lb silver. Saw others catching silvers, but no steelhead. River was relatively high, but still fishable. We were on the hatchery side of Stevens Creek, drifting eggs and corkies. From other side of the creek, more fish were caught with bobbers and eggs close to the shore/rocks.

2009-11-29 18:51:35
by: adrenalizer (+13)
Has anyone fished the Hump lately? Haven't been there since Nov. 5. Hoping to get back out there this coming week. Any info would be great, thanks!

2009-11-15 18:11:22
by: JamesInTacoma (+3)
Hey--Anyone in Tacoma/Olympia who wants to go on a "free" Drift Boat trip on my CLACKCRAFT?---I need someone who has run the HUMPTULIPS before, to just go with me, to give me some guidance, on river---I am VERY experienced.--Contact- jamesh@nventure.com (From Tacoma)--If interested?

2009-11-07 17:49:54
by: mmir (+1)
hey i was just wondering if the river is blown out since the heavy rain fall friday

2009-11-07 00:59:59
by: GBenner67 (+6)
Just got back to Kent , Spent last 3 days on the Hump Fished the Hatchery Boat Chute Hole Wed During the only good stretch of good weather.9-5..,6 Chum, 3-Silvers, and 2 Kings..,Two Silvers and One King could have been kept.. I released all Fish... Freezer Full...River is Beginning to get Blown Out...

2009-11-03 20:20:23
by: KMyers (+6)
Thanks - Do you think fishing Friday would be worth a trip from Tacoma? I typically fish at the Hanson Gravel Bar or the Hatchery.

2009-11-03 18:40:42
by: stlhd (+2)
Nets have been out for a 10 days or so, they go back in nov 4 tommarrow.

2009-11-03 16:55:42
by: KMyers (+6)
Can anyone please advise if the nets are still on the river during the 4 days between Sunday and Thursday? Several friends fished on Monday with nil results. Would like to fish this Friday, but wondering if the fish will be there.

2009-11-02 18:07:15
by: KMyers (+6)
How is thr fishing? Planning a trip for this Friday? Hope the river is not too blown out? I understand there is more rain in the forcast.

2009-10-27 19:05:37
by: brando (+1)
Drifted fri. too high debris everywhere

2009-10-26 17:52:08
by: stlhd (+2)

2009-10-23 19:34:52
by: BIG B (+1)

2009-10-21 15:25:31
by: adrenalizer (+13)
lots of big chums in the river, a few silvers and not many kings, hope that changes by the weekend. Color is improving.

2009-10-20 17:22:56
by: KMyers (+6)
Fish last Thursday from bank just upriver from the Ocean Beach Rd. bridge. Friend landed 35lb King, and I has several native and hatchery silvers (8-15 lbs.). No fish on Friday during the rain.

Will be back this Friday, hoping for similar results.

2009-10-20 00:28:17
by: adrenalizer (+13)
Color is still off, flow is coming down nicely, floating on Sat, hope the fish are there like they should be! Lots of silvers before the big rain!!

2009-10-19 18:03:06
by: Stlhdr (+1)
Has anyone seen the hump today, it should be starting to turn green.

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