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2010-02-26 06:01:45

2010-02-02 06:25:26
by: gooey football (+1)
gooey football?

2009-03-05 17:16:10
by: fishstone (+3)
the plastic is still there but so are some fish .went 1 for 2 ,about 8 lb nate .the river is low

2008-12-19 21:21:51
by: fisherman (+13)
The farmers need to clean up their hay bale wrappers themselves, instead of letting the river wash them away.

2008-12-12 12:53:11
by: markk (+1)
The plastic all over the river and up on the banks should be cleaned up. Why cant the state encourage boy scout troop to clean rivers up. Or perhaps offenders doing community service could contribute to river clean up.Maybe steelhead university could organize a clean up. I remember years back the state imposed a .11 cents per cigarette pack sales tax for Puget sound clean up. Maybe they could include major rivers.

2008-12-11 23:06:07
by: pauld (+2)
you dedicated fishermen should see the white plastic mess and try fishing the area where it exists. I started fishing the Wy more then 40 years ago. I have fished rivers for over 55 years and I have never seen anything as bad as this crap that is plastered all over the river banks of the Wynoochee River.

2008-12-11 22:57:28
by: pauld (+2)
farmers above the crossover bridge left their white plastic that covers their hay laying around and the hiwater has toilet papered the river for over 6 miles. Both sides, underwater, in trees and bushes. Ecology is not interested in making the farmers clean it up and the county does not know what to do.

2008-11-18 09:15:11
by: Poacher (+2)
And Fly fisherman are flossers, right? No reports on the river yet. Think December for lower and January for upper

2008-11-13 23:23:36
by: spinner (+1)
stay the hell away from MY fly Richard Gobbler!

2008-11-10 15:50:25
by: sage (+1)
put it this way: if we don't let other fellow fly fishermen know where to go honor trout, all you get are disrespectful gear spinners out there harvesting fish OUT of the river. Educating fly-fishermen on locations, tactics, tackle, and techniques ensures that your so-called "hot spots" retain fish year round. We are the water's police. Spinners are essentially poachers. Might as well get tribal approval for netting...

2008-10-25 20:10:34
by: fisherman (+13)
WTF? one old man laments the old days and everyone clams up? where's the fish?

2007-12-18 11:21:01
by: 1stwtr (+1)
I've been fishing the nooch for 20 years and it's too bad that newbie fisherman can't keep their mouths quiet about where they fish. It used to be you would only see a few boats, now I lose count.

2007-11-19 11:52:17
by: diamond (+1)
caught a buzz no fish yet

2007-11-10 23:26:03
by: t man (+3)
caught a steelhead kinda early from what i hear

2007-11-02 23:32:52
by: t man (+3)
few fish up above the black creek bridge.

2007-10-06 19:46:44
by: copenhagen (+20)
whats the latest on the fishing??????

2007-02-03 20:35:08
by: t man (+3)
whats the best lures/bait to use at the black creek bridge

2007-01-24 18:41:53
by: Chirs (+1)
fished the uper river went 3 for 5 one 16.4 and a 12 .. if ya brave to tackle the canyon ya find the fish

2007-01-24 08:05:29
by: Bill (+13)
Ain't seen much caught not worth it for the trouble of the people!

2007-01-23 11:24:09
by: Fishon (+7)
too many city slickers its gettin rediculous why cant they jsut stay in the city

2007-01-02 21:52:37
by: Big T (+22)
Tough fishing on New Years Day! Bank fished the river from the bar across from the upper boat launch down to Black Creek and didn't see any hookups.

2006-01-24 08:39:20
by: jim (+304)
Thanks for the report on the Wynoochee

2006-01-23 22:53:37
by: big daddy (+3)
got my limit in twenty mins 15# cant wait to go back and tear it up

2004-09-21 16:25:55
by: j (+27)
one of the best back i n the day comin back i here