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0000-00-00 00:00:00
by: navy 101 (+1)
you are all cum guzzlers!!!!!

2010-01-26 05:50:53
by: WOW (+6)
Am surprised at how these ppl are acting on here. i mean cmon, seriously? U are grown men. whats the problem. Just fish an have a good time.

2010-01-26 01:30:57
by: The \"Real\" Shellback (+1)
I guess I just to look one more time. SteelieQUEEN! Now that is funny. Good to see somebody out that a sense of humor. It's still my guess that our tax dollars are supporting this jack ass. Fishing 3 days a week...Ha. Go ahead, keep making up your stories about all the fish you catch. What a burn out!

2010-01-25 21:16:06
by: (wanted) size 2 waders. (+1)
I'd like to know where steeliequeen gets his pink wadders? My girl would look SMOKIN in a pair! I agree,these guys need to swap #'s and go out for dinner and a movie. By the way I had no luck this morn...

2010-01-25 20:38:06
by: Freddie the Fisher (+6)
Entertaining, none-the-less.

2010-01-25 06:47:16
by: Peace (+1)
Ladies ladies ladies. Why are we fight?

2010-01-25 03:43:16
by: Steelieking (+3)
Time and place bitch. Glad you gave up on fishing and think it sucks fishing don't suck you do at catching them ha fag

2010-01-25 03:10:49
by: shellback (+9)
Again! Guessing "Maybe If" is unemployable with his grasp of the english language and availability to fish 3 days a week. I'm done with you guys using my handle to argue back and forth. The fishing here still blows!

2010-01-24 07:01:13
by: Steelieking (+3)
Tell me a time and place. Ill meet you at the river any day,and then we'll see if you still talk so big.

2010-01-24 06:21:35
by: shellback (+9)
You fags are a bunch of complete idiots I'd whip the tar outta all you. I'll Wrap your lying idiot ass's up with your 20 ft leaders and drag your inbred ass's up and down the road behind my 4x4! Show you how a reel steelheader fishes buddy boy!!

2010-01-24 02:57:29
by: Steelieking (+3)
I went 2 for 5 with a bobber and jig thursday useing a 4foot leader under my bobber am i a snagger you dumb reconing fag

2010-01-24 02:54:06
by: MAYBE IF (+1)
You have not been to blue creek in ten years the way of fishing has changed. I fish the cowlitz 3 days a week and always youe four or more feet of leader. All te boats event use at least 4 feet fishing eggs in te summer so to you shellback your a dumb ass. COme down and call me a snagger and you'll go for a swim. Don't like it stop fishing it!!!

2010-01-23 17:36:46
by: shellback (+9)
Entertaining that somebody steals my handle at 08:07. Not me. When the visibility is 2 feet, why would anybody need 4 feet of leader? Snaggers! If you went 3 for 5 you did much better than anybody I saw. Ive been out of state 10 years. First time I went back to recon the current conditions. I have to say that the fishing is no where near what it was. It's really sad. What are the major contributors to the failure of the fishery?

2010-01-23 13:24:25
by: dumbass (+2)
ha! you spelled pencil wrong jerk off!! its not hard to cast a 8ft leader if you have a 9'6" lami....go fish the puyallup w/ the rest of the white trash

2010-01-23 01:02:59
by: shellback (+9)
Went down on Monday. Nice day, lousy fishing from shore. Saw nothing caught. Was disappointed to see guys with 4' leader hoping to line anything. I call that snagging. So few fish coming back that people are desperate I guess.

2010-01-14 02:15:30
by: shellback (+9)
Any improvements in the fish numbers yet?

2010-01-05 01:07:39
by: Dead (+1)
The fishing is really slow. Seen one fish yesterday evening sucks need a better hatchery program or manager

2010-01-02 19:24:16
by: shellback (+9)
I imagine the day shift is still combat fishing. Allways good to recon an area and observe the geography as well as the techinique's. I checked google maps and I can see from the satelite image that the area is opened up. The island was much larger 10 years ago. Good fishing and thanks for the feedback.

2010-01-02 19:17:08
by: blueballs (+2)
yea...the river has changed though over the last 5 years..take a day trip and figure out the new spots...but night fishing is still very productive

2010-01-02 04:33:17
by: shellback (+9)
Hey Blueballs, thanks for the reply. Been 10 years since I was a local and fished the area. Been in SW FL all this time. Reading the regs it looks like many rules and area's have changed. The Litz was always hot back then in Dec. Do guys still fish the night shift at Blue Creek?

2009-12-31 23:37:27
by: blueballs (+2)
went to blue creek yesterday and caught nothing 4 guys bankers did see two caught from bank though boaters wernt doing well at all either so we went up to the dam and fished below the cut off line i went down from the bobbers guys and threw out old trusty 2 orange corkies drifing and BAM first cast i landed a nice chrome hen!! I would say one fish per every 15 bank anglers not on fire by anymeans

2009-12-31 23:07:57
by: shellback (+9)
anybody have a report for the blue creek area

2008-12-05 12:54:10
by: Skillet (+1)
great fishing,,,,,,

2008-07-29 15:50:02
by: redfish (+1)
bunch of steelhead fishin with great results around island

2007-10-14 10:48:24
by: HOT ROD (+1)

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